Welcome to AztecFEC Project

Performance Requirements

We are building a high power density AC-DC converter which follows the following performance requirements and it is intended for safe and routine use by non-technical customers:

1. Vin = 90-264 Vac

2. Input Frequency = 47-63 Hz

3. Iin = 4.3 A

4. Hold-Up Time: 10ms

5. Pout = 390 W

6. Vout = 400 Vdc

7. Vripple = 10 Vp-p

8. PF > 0.95

Testing and Verification

We test and verify the theoretical designs by using simulation software. After assembling the board, extreme caution must be taken in testing the physical device as the power supply operates with high voltages and currents. Special equipment provided to us by the advisors is necessary for successful completion of the project. We segmented the board into several parts to further facilitate the appropriate operation of the board. This aids us in knowing what parts of our circuit works and where exactly it lacks performance. Furthermore, we could address the dysfunctional parts of the board without having to disassemble working components.

We use the recommended testing set up from our graduate advisors. In order to test the board, it is required to have an oscilloscope, differential voltage probes, current probe, AC source, and electronic load. The Chroma 6590 AC Source provides input voltage and current. The output board should be connected to the Chroma 63210 Electronic load. We use an oscilloscope to monitor the waveforms. We use the differential voltage probes to monitor the input and output voltages. The current probe monitors the input current. A heatsink and or fan configuration is necessary to help dissipate heat from the board because the circuit contains very high current flow and voltage throughout.